Monday, November 30, 2009

Make Time

As Corporate Chickees I am sure we're all experts in time management, right? Well one thing we all hear and say more than anything, is that we don't have time to exercise. Well of course we don't have time, we're working women, we're busy climbing the corporate ladder. But we need to make the time.

Schedule exercise into your day just like any other meeting or work-related outing. That way you'll be more likely not to cancel or double book yourself. Schedule your workouts on your work calendar, or on your iPhone, blackberry, wherever you keep your daily activities and meetings.

Then, treat it like a meeting. If someone wants to meet you for cocktails after work, let them know you've got plans right after work (your workout!) but that you can meet them later, or during lunch. Find ways to keep the appointment with yourself. After all, taking care of ourselves is priority number one!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Beach Vacation!

Last night my husband and I booked our beach vacation for this spring. Yet another good exercise motivator! Everyone wants to look HOT in a bikini... I am no different! Other motivation? Cute white shorts... little sun dresses... tiny tops... any beach vacation is motivation to sweat like crazy in the gym. Oh how I love to shop for vacation clothes!

Ab workout here I come!!

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I am so excited to have a little vacation from work! We each get one floating holiday to use anytime throughout the year - I always take mine the day after Thanksgiving! This year Thanksgiving is at my parent's house - which means NO traveling! Very excited about that.

So, knowing my new little-black-dress goal... I am focusing on enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, but not going overboard. That's the trick, you can enjoy holiday meals, just as long as you don't go over board and stuff yourself silly.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Goal Setter

By nature, I am a goal setter. I set goals for everything. At work, I aim to get X number of projects done by lunch. At home, I set the timer for 20-minutes and see how much I can clean. At the gym, I sprint on the treadmill for exactly one-minute, then I do it again... and get the picture.

Maybe it's that I like achieving, so I set goals for myself so that I can feel that feeling of achievement all the time. Maybe it's because I like to be done with things - and I look forward to "being done". Who knows!

I've set a peculiar goal for myself this time - I have actually never done this before, but I think many woman have done it! I bought a dress that's a size smaller than I normally wear! Now I just have to fit into the dress! This dress above is a lot like mine - this one is from White House Black Market.

That's what happens when you're a goal setter. You buy clothes that are too small.