Friday, June 18, 2010

What IS Marketing?

Does your company have a true marketing department? My company has a sales person who as adopted the title of Sales/Marketing. Not sure why those two always get lumped in together (well, actually, that's pretty obvious, but whatever). My point is - just because you're a sales person doesn't mean you can just "do" marketing! There are entire degrees and professions dedicated to real marketing. Not just flyers.

I always wonder, at what point will we realize that we truly need to market our brand and hire a marketing team? Does your company recognize marketing for what it truly is? Or do you have a Sales/Marketing person in your office - who is the local flyer-maker?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back from the Beyond...

Hello fellow corporate chickees! So sorry for being M.I.A. yet again for such a long period of time! There have been some changes in my life, and while all positive, it takes time to adjust to change and refocus back on day-to-day life! No, I didn't win lottery. (I wish!)

So today's post will focus on one of the things that my husband and I are working on instead of the corporate world... our budget! We need to make some changes, save up some cash, tighten our belts! We're prepared for the basics - not eating out so much, spending less money on gifts an non-essentials, no more vacations, etc.

But I'm sure you guys have all been there before and have some great money-saving tips! I would love to clip coupons, but we don't get the newspaper anymore. (A victim of a previous budget cut.) What are ways you guys save money at the grocery store, or other areas? We're struggling with where to make some cuts because about 80% of our budget is fixed with mortgage, student loans, car payments, insurance, bills, etc. We can't cut back in those areas, so we need to get creative!

And one little note - I'm not exactly crafty... so making my clothes is out! :)