Monday, November 23, 2009

Goal Setter

By nature, I am a goal setter. I set goals for everything. At work, I aim to get X number of projects done by lunch. At home, I set the timer for 20-minutes and see how much I can clean. At the gym, I sprint on the treadmill for exactly one-minute, then I do it again... and get the picture.

Maybe it's that I like achieving, so I set goals for myself so that I can feel that feeling of achievement all the time. Maybe it's because I like to be done with things - and I look forward to "being done". Who knows!

I've set a peculiar goal for myself this time - I have actually never done this before, but I think many woman have done it! I bought a dress that's a size smaller than I normally wear! Now I just have to fit into the dress! This dress above is a lot like mine - this one is from White House Black Market.

That's what happens when you're a goal setter. You buy clothes that are too small.

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