Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Love Fall

Fall has arrived!! Well, at least in the form of Starbuck's seasonal hit... The Pumpkin Spice Latte. For those of us who adore all things fall (apple cider, pumpkin-flavorerd anything, football games, burning leaves, and bonfires) the Pumpkin Spice Latte ranks right up there with my favorite things about fall.

Fall is by far my favorite season... and especially right now as I am approaching the peak of my pregnancy, I am so grateful for cooler weather, and no more swim suits! (Baby Update: I am officially 6 months pregnant this week!) And let me tell you, I am so relieved that the pumpkin spice latte has just the right amount of caffeine that I can enjoy them - in the tall size. It would be a very sad season to have to pass on my favorite Starbucks treat!

What else is great about fall... FASHION! I'm not sure what it is about fall fashion that I love so much. I get excited about berry colored nail polish and lip glosses. The deep colors, the chunky, cozy sweaters, the soft, blanket-like fabrics... and part if is probably being trained from first grade on that fall is a fresh start. Each year as we started school as youngsters, don't lie - you know you went out shopping a few weeks before school started looking for your first day of school outfit. My Mom was a teacher for about 20 years, and she still did this every year! It's a habit that sticks with us for the rest of our lives! I think that's part of what makes some of us love fall so much. It has the feel of a new beginning. Even when we are coming to the same place to work day in and day out, something about fall is refreshing. Opening the windows and getting fresh air circulating through your house for the first time in months, wrapping up with a cozy blanket instead of sweltering in the summer heat. I love so much about fall... the crispness of the air, the impending excitement of football season, the way the sky looks in the evenings, I could go on and on about fall. Tomorrow, I plan to treat myself with a Pumpkin Spice Latte for making it to yet another Friday!

Happy fall!

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