Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cabin Fever

I am getting things ready to leave for our long weekend... as I was running around Target last night getting the last few things I needed for the weekend, I found some beautiful basic pieces, like cardigans and simple tops - but in bright colors. I loved a bright tangerine cardigan, and I love this cheery yellow one, too - also from Target. It reminds me spring and sunshine!

I also love these two outfits from Maurices, which both feature the same bright, tropical-ocean-blue color. This time of year when it's cold and dreary, but still have at least 3 months before the first hint of spring... it's a
great time to infuse some bright, sunny colors into our wardrobes!

So, this weekend go find yourself a nice, bright spring color to add into your wardrobe - so that even though its still winter, you can bring your own little patch of sunshine with you to work!

Outside of shopping there are other ways to get through the winter doldrums. My personal favorite? Don't sleep in too long on the weekends... and open all your blinds/shades/drapes and let the morning sun pour in! (Assuming there is sun that day.) I love to sit down in my sunroom, with a big mug of steaming coffee, and a great book and indulge in the sunshine while I read for hours.

What else can we do to beat the winters? Check out this article from with some great ideas! Living in the midwest we definitely struggle with the January/February/March blues. Besides Valentine's Day - which is really just a Hallmark holiday - there's not much to look forward to. We've started booking our annual vacations in April, which gives us something to look forward to, and brings back fond memories of Spring Break as a kid! If you can't book a vacation, there are lots of other things you can do. For one - get outside! Yes, it's still freezing, so bundle up first, but then take in the glory of a quite winter morning. The air has never smelled so clean, and the way the sunlight is magnified by a white blanket of snow all around? Beautiful.

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