Thursday, February 25, 2010

Worth the Price-Tag?

Check out these adorable, office-friendly pumps from Cole Haan, found on, they are marked down to $277.95. Personally, I have never spent that much on one pair of shoes in my life. I'm not quite sure I am ready to, either. That said, I constantly wear sky-high heels and have to beg my husband to rub my feet every night. I have heard that the higher-priced, designer shoes are more comfortable.

Have any of you spent this much on a pair of designer shoes and been satisfied with the comfort level? Are they really more comfortable, or do people just say that?

Personally, I love this deep red pair, perfect to add punch to a work suit without being too flashy.


  1. I have splurged on a few designer shoes (and have gotten them on clearance). I will admit that they were all more comfortable than my other less expensive shoes. But then again...that could just have been luck. Expensive does not always mean better.

  2. I recently splurged on a pair of shoes that were from Nordstrom's for the same reason (heard $$$ shoes were better). They are by far the most comfortable high heels I've ever owned and seem like they'll last forever. I can literally be on my feet all day and I'm not hobbling in pain on the way to my car at 5 pm. Plus, every girl deserves a nice pair of go-to shoes.
    I like your blog!