Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cleaning Bug

If you're like me - you've been bit by the cleaning bug! The recent warming-weather and morning sunshine makes me want to clean our blinds, reorganize closets, and buy fresh flowers! In the spirit of spring cleaning, here are The 10 Habits of Highly Organized People by Sarah Stebbins, courtesy of Oprah.com. (Kind of like the home-version of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People for work!) Below I've highlighted the main rules, and my own 2 cents! What are your personal habits that keep you organized at home?

Rule #1 Walk Away from Bargains Just because the sweater in on sale, doesn't mean you need it! (or have space for it!)
Rule #2 Make Peace with Imperfection In the article, PysD Renae Reinardy says that "trying to do every task perfectly is the easiest way to get bogged down." So give your best effort and call it a day!
Rule #3 Never Label Anything 'Miscellaneous' No need to quote the article on this - we all know what this means. Give everything a home. If it doesn't have a home, maybe it doesn't have a place in your home, either!
Rule #4 Schedule Regular De-cluterring Sessions Do a little every day, don't wait until it's a huge project!
Rule #5 Stick with What Works Another expert in the the article, Dorothy Breininger says, "Don't waste time and money seeking out the best of everything" - if what you use works and you like it - its fine!
Rule #5 Create a Dump Zone Identify a place for all the 'stuff' you accumulate each day and will need later - like dry cleaning receipts and field trip permission slips. My personal favorite? A cute basket or bowl near your main point of entry to the house - you can easily stash your stuff there and hide it on a shelf where it just looks like a decoration!
Rule #7 Ask for Help This is pretty obvious...
Rule #8 Separate Emotions from Possessions I think we all struggle with this when it comes to clothes! That adorable cocktail dress you wore at such-and-such function... if you'll never fit into it again, or it's too worn-out to be saved... maybe it's time to say good-bye!
Rule #9 Foresee and Avoid Problems Breininger suggests tackling the leaning tower of tupperware now, before it erupts on you while you're running out the door to work - smart gal!
Rule #10 Know Where to Donate Find a good place to donate your loved but no-longer-needed clothing and items, whether it's a charity or a neighbor. This way you know right where to go each time you clean the closet!


  1. Great advice (now I just need to take it)! I wish a cleaning bug had hit me but, instead, a stomach bug hit me (and the rest of my household). I was sick all weekend and, when Mommy is sick, the entire house looks like a cyclone hit it! Hoping that the cleaning bug hits by the end of the week so I can get my house in order.

  2. I am totally with you on this post... although I totally hate cleaning, when spring is here you feel the need to throw everything out! I always wait too long and my pile is a bit overloaded. But thanks for the helpful tips, and thanks for the comment on my blog... I wish I had some habits to contribute, but I was actually thinking to myself today... that I needed to grow-up and get organized! I'm not a kid anymore.

  3. Oh no, JD Chic, sorry about the stomach bug! Hope you are feeling better soon! Whenever I get better after being sick I feel the urge to clean and disinfect... so maybe that's in your near future!