Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Monday!

Yay! It's March! One step closer to spring... finally! In honor of Monday and March, here's a funny article found on, What Not to Wear to Work. I'm not sure it's supposed to be funny - it just is. It's focused mostly on what not to wear for an interview, so let's discuss interview-dress techniques.

Not based on any formal research or expertise - below are a few things I've heard over the years about dressing for interviews - I'm not saying I agree or disagree with them.
Share your tips, tricks, or disagree with these!

1. Women should wear skirt suits with nylons and close toed shoes - always.
2. Wear understated jewelry - think a single strand of pearls and pearl stud earrings or something equally classy and simple.
3. When interviewing for a position like accounting, engineering, or technical support - wear glasses. Apparently hiring managers will assume you're more intellectual and detail-oriented if you're wearing spectacles.
4. Conversely, if you're interviewing for a creative position like marketing or advertising, put in those contact lenses, and throw a statement color into your suit, or wear one unique piece of jewelry. The theory here is that you're trying to showcase your creativity, your ability to be different and think outside the box.
5. If you have long hair, pull it back into a low ponytail. Especially if you are young, this will help you appear older. (Really?)

Readers, let's hear yours!

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  1. Great post! That article indeed was funny. I must admit that I could never do #3 because the glasses would probably be too distracting for me since I'm not used to wearing glasses...but then again, I wouldn't be interviewing in those fields (I'm a lawyer).

    Another tip would be to wear a little makeup in natural shades that complement your skin tone (e.g., nude lipstick [no lip gloss since some say that makes you appear too youngish], foundation, mascara, natural-looking blush). Wearing no makeup at all tends to make one look younger (if that is already a concern) or not polished enough. Of course, you don't want to go to the extreme either and end up with a heavily made-up, clown-like look (not a good look - at all).