Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Collection!

Introducing the Lauren Conrad Collection for Kohl's! Adorable tops and camis at reasonable prices. I love some of her dresses - but they look way to short to be work appropriate. (Not that I think she designed this collection with the office in mind or anything.) There are some really cute blazers and tops for under suits though. As a long time fan of The Hills, I'm excited to check out her new Kohl's line collection.

I also love that she's a young start-up designer. I remember reading in magazine article, the interviewer asked her that if it hadn't been for Laguna Beach and The Hills, what would she be doing now? Her answer: The same thing I'm doing now, with a smaller apartment and fewer shoes. Points for honesty!

1 comment:

  1. I bought dress from her collection that I really love! I tried on a few other items, but they just weren't me - didn't fit my body type very well. It's a pretty small collection - which I imagine is standard for a brand-new line! I LOVE the dress I bought though!