Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mom 2.0

Today was a great day, we heard from our babysitter- we can go back to her next week! That means only three more days at the daycare center! The daycare center is fine, it's a good place. But we're just spoiled with our wonderful babysitter.

He slept for less than hour all day at daycare today. 15 minute nap this morning and a 40 minute nap this afternoon. He was so tired when I picked him, he slept basically all evening (unless he was eating). I am so relieved that he won't be there for more than a week. Although I am so grateful that they let us enroll him on a week by week basis! I cried the whole way to work this morning, the fear of leaving him with strangers in a room full of babies. I was afraid he would get lost in the shuffle and forgotten about, or sit in a dirty diaper too long, or not be able to sleep (turned out to be reality), or that he wouldn't get enough attention and affection. While I'm sure none of that is true, I couldn't help be feel scared and anxious all day. He's the most precious person in my whole life, how could I leave him in the care of strangers? My husband reminded me that our babysitter was a stranger at first- which is true. But if I can't stay home with him, she is the next best thing. She's like Mom 2.0 :)

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