Monday, September 12, 2011


I am struggling to find it lately. I am into my busy season at work, and I am finding it difficult to out in the extra hours I need to at work, and still have time to enjoy the evenings with my family. Last year, it was common for me to get to work at 7am and stay until 6 or 7pm, then work from home for a couple hours in the evening. (yeah... Rediculous.)

Well, I can no linfer stay late since I have a son to pick up after work now. And of course I don't want to spend my only hours with him working! Today I got up at 4:30am and got to work by 6am, worked till 4:30pm, and worked for about an hour from home after dinner. (we did actually eat a real dinner tonight!)

I am exhausted. It has been a good day though. Not only was I super productive at work but I also managed to dona bit of cleaning this evening, too! That's a pretty successful day. My eyes are closing on me... I am so tired!

Time to hit the sack soni can do it all again tomorrow.

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