Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodbye long weekend...

We need more three day weekends in our society. Just saying. Now it's Monday night after a long Labor Day weekend. Do I feel the dread of another crazy/hectic week? Of course. But tonight is different, my son is going back to his regular babysitter tomorrow! I am definitely thrilled about this, and it's one less thing to stress over. Let's be honest- the person who cares for your child=the most important person in my day.

On another topic, being a working mom is hard enough, being a working & breastfeeding mom is harder still. I remember during maternity leave, my husband never (okay maybe a few times) got up to help overnight- since I was on leave & he was working. He promised me that once I went back to work he would be willing to help more at night. Well, you can guess what happened. Now that I'm only nursing once at 5am and my boy wakes up around 3 or 4... I figured the hubby would be willing to help soothe the baby. Yeah. I figured wrong.

Why am I supposed to be able to function on less sleep- not only function but do more than I have ever done before on less sleep than I've ever had before?! It's so no fair. But no one said it would be fair. So when my husband complains that he's tired, I will have to remember that. Next time. For now a swift kick to the shins seems to be working. (kidding).

Being a parent is hard, period. How do people manage being parents and still be husband/wife to each other? I haven't got the time for both. Ugh. Good night....

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