Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Dinner Dilema.

How the heck do families manage to prepare, eat & clean up dinner every single night? I just don't understand how one *finds* the time for this each night. Nevermind the fact that I hate cooking (gasp!) and am not very good at it, either.

A day in my life:
4:30am- wake up, nurse my son
4:45am- get ready for work
5:30am- leave for work, drive....
6:00am- work like a dog, pump, repeat until 4:00pm, then leave.
5:00pm- get home after picking up my boy :) feed the dog, put everything away, refrigerate pumped milk, clean out son's bag, rinse out bottles & soak in water, put stuff away, play with son.
5:30pm- feed my son his solids.
6:00pm- clean up after solids, play.
6:30pm- start bathtime/bedtime routine, nurse my son, but him down for bed.
7:30pm- pack my lunch for tomorrow, get everything ready for tomorrow, wolf down a bowl of cereal, clean, so chores.
8:30pm- relax.
8:35pm- get ready for bed.
9:00pm- bedtime.

And.... That just took all of my "relax" time for the night.

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