Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All Grown Up

My company just built a new office! I just got a sneak-peak, and it's fantastic! The part of me that’s so dorky about this is that I feel like in the new office I’ll have a ‘real’ job and be a ‘real’ grown up.

Let me explain... My first job out of college my work space consisted of a drawer. I got to use the label maker and stamp my name on it, so that was cool. Then in my next job I had a desk, we all had desks along a big wall in the basement of the building. To be fair I had more than a desk, we each got a shelf too. Then, moving up in the world – I came to my current company where I got a whole corner. When the powers that be realized how cramped we really were, they shuffled work spaces and I was awarded my very own cubicle. Now – I am getting a REAL office! It even has a door.

It's given me a new sense of motivation for work. I feel more professional surrounded by our modern office, in my own private office all dressed up in a suit. Is everyone else as affected by their surroundings as I am? I can't wait for 2010... it's going to be a great year!

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