Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random Thoughts

I am having a rather scatterbrained afternoon... And struggling to string together some coherent thoughts. So, instead I figured I’d just share all of my random thoughts in no particular order:

*I need to be a better friend. I don’t call, write, email, visit enough. I don’t do enough really thoughtful things. I need to start because I value my friendships and want to keep them going even though we are all scattered all over the eastern half of the United States now.

*I have to pay bills tonight. Ugh. I don’t know why I dread doing this every two weeks, after I am done it feels
so much better knowing exactly how much money we can spend on fun stuff that week. I dread it, every time.

*My best friend is having a baby (yay!!!) but it’s unplanned (a little scary) but with a great guy who she is going to marry (yay, again!)
Wow. That’s a lot to handle. Her head must really be spinning right now. I did already order her baby girl a bib and tee shirt with our sorority letters on it. I couldn’t resist! So excited for her!

*I didn’t feel like running on my lunch hour today, so instead I did upper body strength training. My arms felt like jelly all afternoon!

*I wish I could get up early every morning and go running. But, when I get up it’s pitch black outside, and we can hear coyotes in the cornfield across the street. Probably not wise to run 

*I have a soccer game tomorrow night. I really hope I don’t suck like I did last week... And that I score another goal again soon! What an awesome feeling.

So I guess that’s it. These are the thoughts ping-ponging around my head right now. (ooh... Maybe my husband and I could play ping pong tonight?!) Seriously... I need a vacation!

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