Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Almost-New Years!

Today is my last day of work before my next long-weekend for New Years. Tomorrow we have a whole crap-load of friends coming over to celebrate with us! I know we'll be busy getting ready, so I am doing my "New Years" post today! What are my new years resolutions? So far I have only thought of one really good one - go to bed early and be ready for the next day before bed each day. What does that mean? 

Well, I figured that I need to be in bed around 9:30pm each night (since I get up at 5:30am) to get 7 hours of sleep. And, before bed I need to go back to my routine of laying out my clothes before bed each night (which I still usually do), and packing my lunch before bed (I never do this anymore), and setting my programable coffee maker so I don't have to sit around and make coffee in the morning. I just started to use the program feature on our coffee pot ... it's awesome. I love it! I figure this will allow to me to get a full night's sleep each night, which should cause me to snooze less in the morning (husband's big gripe!), and feel more prepared for work each day. If I pack a full, nutritious lunch before bed each night, then I won't be scrambling around for anything the next morning! 

Beyond that, my resolutions are pretty much just keep doing what I am doing already - keep working out on my lunch hour - maybe re-dedicate myself to that, as I haven't been as motivated lately to go Plus... the April vacation is always a good motivator - there is nothing like a bikini to get a woman in the gym! Happy New Year everyone!

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