Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Personal Space Invaders

Not feeling so hot today. I have a sore throat and am nursing my Starbucks peppermint mocha latte. You know I'm sick when I go for the fru-fru coffee drinks. I'm normally a black-coffee chickee, but not with a sore throat!

I am a hot mess today. My awesome holiday-red nail polish is chipping away, and my nails are just a hair too long... definitely needed to cut them down last night. So, they look even worse. I'm probably pretty pale, when I don't feel well I just can't be bothered to pay close attention to make up.

I haven't even eaten my breakfast yet. I never stall on breakfast. I forgot my trusty Motrin at home, and my two coworkers who always have a stash are both on vacation this week. And... I'm not really keen on going through their things while they're out.

Here's a new little irritation with my new office: Coworkers come into my office to chat or ask me a question, and rather than speak to me from the appropriate side of my desk (where there are 2 chairs), they walk around my desk and get on my side of the desk and speak to me from there. Umm... I have this whole office and you have to come around and practically sit on my shoulder? Irritating.

My game plan is to keep my body facing my desk - facing my computer. So that when a coworker comes around my desk to speak to me, they will virtually be speaking to the back of my head. I'm going to try that for a while - maybe painfully crane my neck around to see them occasionally to get the point across? If that doesn't work, I'm going to start saying, "Have a seat" when someone comes into my office. That's a last resort, though - because when I'm busy I don't want to encourage visitors sitting down in my office for long periods of time. I have read that you're supposed to keep people standing if you want to get rid of them quickly!

I am a big fan of personal space. I feel uncomfortable when someone touches my arm or shoulder or anything in the office environment - and I'm not a fan of close talkers. I am a big advocate of this sketch I found online!

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