Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm Still Here!!

Wow... been a while, huh? I've been super busy with work in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and of course Christmas shopping and prepping kept me as busy as the rest of the world. I had my in-laws over the weekend before christmas for our own Christmas celebration... and it was a big hit. My Christmas dinner was delicious, and the table setting (my favorite part!) was perfect. 

Christmas was great, my husband gifted me with a new Tiffany right-hand ring. Sigh... he knows how much I love anything that comes in those perfect little blue boxes :)

Now work is slow, as I am one of few folks here this short week, and this weekend is our big new year's party! We have some friends coming in from out of town to celebrate with us, and I'm super excited, but I am also nervous. Nervous that someone will break our brand new champagne flutes, or spill booze on our brand-new carpet... you get the picture. Or worse... vomit in our brand-new sectional. So - my plan is to offer plenty of food, minimal hard alcohol (mostly beer and champagne) and try to make the party feel a little bit more upper class... hopefully our guests will follow suit.

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