Tuesday, December 1, 2009

She's a Perfectionist

The perfect girl. You know her – you’ve met her! She is exactly the right height – not too tall, not too short, is skinny and super fit, has that shampoo-ad hair, flawless skin... Not too mention a great job that she’s great at, a closet full of kick-ass clothes and everything else that comes with Barbie. The great boyfriend, the super cool car, the adorable pup, and a group of super-loyal and adoring friends. Oh, and did I mention that she never watches TV, has time to train for marathons, teaches kids to read, goes to church, and is a regular old Mother Teresa? Oh yeah, and she recycles.

Seriously – who are these girls?! There’s not a ton of them... But they’re out there. They are the ones who manage to literally have it at & do it all. They can go out all night in stiletto heels and be the life of the party and then be perky and cheerful the next morning at her 8am meeting, fresh after her morning jog and egg white and vegetable omelet. It's girls like this who make the rest of us feel like crap.

Recently I started thinking about why I am so jealous of these girls. Clearly, because they have their shit together. I knew a couple of these girls in college... And I honestly don’t think that in four years I ever saw any of them watch TV. Maybe the occasional news program while folding laundry... Or the once-a-year hung over movie in your PJ’s – but it was rare! So maybe that’s were I need to start. Less TV. My husband jokes when we’re away from home that our DVR is smoking at home because I record so many shows. Maybe that’s part of the answer – I don’t have time to volunteer to teach kids to read because I’m plopped in front of the boob tube every night watching How I Met Your Mother. (Seriously – this show is fantastic.) I think I need to back away from the DVR and stick to my tried-and-true show – Grey’s Anatomy. I’ll watch this show... And the rest I’ll just have to catch here and there. With an extra 2-3 hours each night, I could pack real, healthy lunches for myself, get in an extra workout, pay bills, clean the house, volunteer somewhere... That’s an extra 10-15 hours a week - that’s like a part-time job! People are always wishing for more hours in the day, well – I could have them if I just gave up a little TV each night. And if I’m not stuck in front of the TV each night I could get to bed earlier ... Meaning I could be on time to work every day, and be perky and cheerful at the same time! (What a concept, right?)

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