Friday, January 8, 2010

Keeping it All in the Air

Welcome to 2010! It has already been a crazy year! This week at work has just flown by... one of those days where every time you look at the clock half the day has passed! I think I've stayed late almost every night this week - on accident! Not only was this week busy, but I am also managing the workload of a vacationing coworker. Let me tell you, it is not a light load! Let this be a lesson - never leave for vacation without tidying up every detail... I already loaded dates in my calendar to prep for my April vacation so that I will not leave my coworkers to juggle my events and leave my clients in the lurch.

That said, work has been fantastic. I feel a renewed sense of purpose... and I have been super motivated to improve my performance. Task number one... maybe this is a new years resolution - become more detail oriented and improve my time management skills. By nature I am actually not detail oriented. Many people throw this term around in interviews - while I can be detail oriented when necessary, I am a big-picture thinker!
And of course we can always improve our time management skills! That said... gotta run, I have lots to do!

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