Friday, January 8, 2010

Ann Taylor

Love this dress! I think I will be doing some shopping at Ann Taylor soon! They seem to have a very nice petite section, and with the sales, I think I'll find some great pieces at some decent prices.
You can't bargain shop too much with business clothes. Splurge on the staples - like suits, handbags, coats and jackets - and some staple shoes, like a great pair of black pumps. Then go cheap on little trendy blouses, or trendy shoes... style it up all cute with sunglasses and jewelry. If you scrimp and save on all of your items - you'll look like you did. If you spend big on the main pieces that you'll have forever - 1. you'll have them forever, because they'll actually last more than three seasons, and 2. you'll look fantastic - quality items just hang better on you.
But don't forget about your tailor - a good tailor can make a $40 pair of dress slacks look like a $150 pair of slacks if they fit you perfectly!

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