Monday, January 11, 2010

Personalize your Space

I've never really had a space to 'decorate' before, and even know, I think we're think we're encouraged to keep it to a minimum. However, some personalization is expected, right? The only personal touch in my office right now is a very outdated photo of my niece on my mouse pad. I do have family pictures as my desktop background and screensaver, but only I can see those!

Way back when... I somehow got the idea that too much personal stuff in one's office will make coworkers not take you seriously, or somehow think you're not really dedicated to your job. Not sure where I got that... because my boss' office is covered in personal pictures, trinkets, etc - and no one questions her dedication to work! I have never had a framed photo at my desk, or pictures of friends and family, not a thing.

One thing I am really itching to do is head to The Container Store and go nuts on office-organization stuff. I love organizing, color-coding, anything like that. So a place like The Container Store is a bad place for me to go unless I have lots of money to blow!

So with my brand-new office, I'm thinking about how to personalize. I'd like to have some fresh flowers - but with my black thumb I think it would be better to go for some faux flowers. Then I wonder is that tacky? Fake flowers in your office? I know myself though, and real flowers are just not realistic for me. I also don't have that much work space, so I don't want to clutter it all up with personal stuff. I tend to like the minimalist look when it comes to offices - but maybe I should add a small personal touch? I'll have to do some research... more to come on this topic!

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