Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shopping Recap

Happy Tuesday! I coasted through Monday - I was in a Monday-dreary-day-funk. Back in action now though... On Saturday my sister and I went shopping! I had some cash from a Christmas bonus and wanted to spend it on new work clothes. So, I took my sister with me. She would make a fantastic stylist - she's great at styling clothes and pulling together looks that work, and knowing what's going to look good with what.

Before we left I did a closet inventory - I looked at the clothes I generally wear to work: black pin-stripe dress pants, gray/black tweed-like pants, brown pants, and my black A-line skirt. Then I looked at my jackets and blazers, and finally my shells and blouses that I pair them with. I made a list of everything I have (I stuck to the basics, the stuff I wear the most, it would have taken forever to list everything in my closet!) so that when we were contemplating a new piece, and if I wasn't sure I could consult my list to see what else I have to go with it.

I wanted to make sure I came away with new pieces that would let me create several new outfits. Not one outfit I can only wear one way. We started at New York & Company and found: winter white dress pants (love them!), light gray/taupe dress pants, and solid black dress pants, plus a red & black graphic tee to pair with my black suit combos, and a wide black belt. Then I can go to my favorite shops like Maurice's (dress pictured above from Maurice's) and fill in more blouses and tops to pair with my new pieces. Still on my list is a black or gray sheath dress of a slightly heavier material - one that I can wear with cardigans and boots in the winter, or with peep-toe pumps and a belt in the summer. I have seen good ones on Maurice's website, so I plan to check them out there. Plus, Target had some cute little dresses like that, too.

It was a fun day - my sister and I hadn't spent the day at the mall in ages. It was especially nice for her, I think, because she's got two little ones at home and rarely gets to shop for herself!

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