Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beauty & the Beast

When do you find the time? To do all those girly things that we all wish we could do more of? Like, an at-home facial or face mask, paint your nails, exfoliate & moisturize (with the good stuff) or do one of those moisturizing or shine-enhancing hair-masks?

Seriously? When does the busy Corporate Chickee... find time for pampering and beauty? I have a friend who assigns days to tasks. For example... on Tuesday nights she paints her nails, on Wednesday nights she vacuums her whole condo, and so on. Personally, I've never done that, but I maybe I need to start! Wednesday nights are out for any beauty treatments, because I play in a Wednesday night women's soccer league. The games are really late - so maybe Wednesday night's should be my clean-the-house night. (When I say clean the house I mean set a timer for 20 or 30-minutes and do as much as I can before it goes off.)

As for the other stuff - I try to grocery shop on the weekends, maybe Sunday nights I should paint my nails? I must type hard or something though, because my manicures (even when done professionally) rarely last a full week looking good. Sunday nights can be mani/pedi nights, and maybe Thursday night is a touch-up night? I'll work on this and report back on how it goes!

All I know is that I need to make this stuff a priority - especially in this economy where I'm scrimping and cutting back on things like massages and facials... I can't let myself go entirely to adhere to my budget! I mean really, last time I got a pedicure the guy looked up at me and said, "been a while?" eek! Besides, we all know that well-manicured hands and clear skin make an impression to the world around you, whether in business or personal life - being well-groomed says something!

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